Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Inside/Outside Book Arts

I just learned this afternoon that two of the books I submitted to the juried "Inside/Outside Book Arts" exhibit at the Foundry Arts Center in St. Charles, MO, were accepted! Hooray! Even though I received the invitation to submit entries in early December, I didn't have the time/energy to do that until February after leaving the Center. Both of these are ideas that have been needing to "get out" for quite a while now.

As I was putting it together, I found myself feeling grateful to have the time to create "Time Flies", which is a delightful way to "repurpose" a vintage travel alarm clock. On the front is an old bottle containing a rolled definition of "time" as well as bits and pieces of clock movements inside, stoppered by a cork with more movements creating a "crown". Pocketwatch movements cut in half create the wings. A circular movement that displays the day of the month on wristwatches doubles as a necklace. What fun this was to create; the Muse was whispering to me the entire time! Inside the case, I have removed the clock movements and replaced a clock hand with a hand charm. On the back of the clock is an accordian book that holds quotes about time. My favorites are: "The sooner I put something off, the more time I have to catch up." and "Time is a great teacher; unfortunately, it kills all its students."

The second book that has been patiently waiting to be manifested is "Flags". The flag structure of a book utilizes an accordian spine upon which miniature pages are attached, creating a pattern of pages or "flags". I have wanted to create a book to honor all the red flags that have popped up in my intuition through my adult live (that I didn't pay attention to at the time). I also decided to include white flags. The red flags are those of warning or foreboding (interestingly, most of these had men's names on them...). The white flags are those of recognition or epiphany, surrendering to the inevitable (such as meeting someone for the first time and knowing him/her from another lifetime, feeling an immediate and deep and joyful connection with him/her). After completing my pages in the book, I also decided to include a pocket inside the back cover that holds blank white and red flags so that whoever purchased the book could honor their own flags.

The exhibit will open on Friday, April 24 and close on June 5. It would be great to attend! I did just receive a "fly anywhere in the US for free" for 2 certificate in the mail today... I need to read the fine print...

Here's hoping you have delightful surprises coming to you soon!