Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Rainy Day and Green Leaves

I love writing haiku. It forces one to be succinct (and since I love to use words, succinct is a good thing!). Today, the skies are a soft grey (making the new leaves that much greener) and the day reminded me of a haiku I wrote in 2000 while on a Vision Quest:


The rain falls on leaves.
The leaves nod in agreement.
All applaud Nature.

It was a beautiful morning to take pictures. The green-grey leaves of hostas holding water and the amazing growth of our Colorado Blue Spruce. I love blue spruces; no matter what time of day or what weather, they look like they have silvery moonlight shining on them. They really are magical. This tree is about 8 years old; we planted it after Yule one year (instead of having a cut tree). It took a while to take root, but once it started growing, it has really shot up! (Maybe that's why new growth is called "shoots" because they really shoot up and out fast!) The volunteer pine tree shows growth, too.

I hope you enjoy your own new growth today.