Friday, July 9, 2010

Multitudes and Abundance

It is the peak of summer.  

It is the time of Nature's growth and multitudes.  Of Her ecstatic abundance of creation. Brilliant days of Nature's laughter and joy.  Of Her seductive enticements.   Multiplicity to the point of overwhelm.   

Hear the cacophony of the birds, some of whom are on their second clutch of eggs for the season.  Hear the incessant buzz of insects, vibrating either mating calls or "back off" warnings.   The frogs will be peeping in the evenings soon.  Tadpoles will be wriggling next to the edge of water, waiting on their legs.

See the vibrant blossoms burst open, hardy volunteers sprout, luscious fruits and vegetables swell into sweetness.  

Feel the heat that causes the frenzy.   Relish the thunder and rain that cools the chaos and nurtures and quiets the creatures for a short time.

Nature's multitudes are coming forth while they can.  Life's cycle is short for many of these creatures:  they birth, they reproduce, they pass on.  Another generation carries forward in the great circle of life.

Well tended in the spring, they are now springing forth into raucous and chaotic adolescence in the summer.  

I think it's time for a cool swim or a refreshing nap.