Sunday, April 19, 2009

Travels Inside and Out

I have been on retreat this past week or so. I traveled by myself to Ohio to visit a college friend (we've known each other since 1974!) Crinny and her husband Al on their family farm. What a wonderful retreat! I was out of touch from my cell phone and internet, but was better in touch with my Self. I read, slept, relaxed, and was treated like a queen: Crinny fed me delicious, nutritious food and we had lots of time to catch up. It had been 10 years since we'd gotten together, although we've spent plenty of time talking over the phone. (Thank goodness for cell phones!)

These are a few photos I took while at the White's farm in Ohio. You can see why it is so relaxing! It was sunny my first day there, and rained softly each remaining day I was there. It was lovely no matter what the weather!

I have been noticing the shapes of trees recently, since the limbs are visible before their leaves grow back. I've been enthralled with how trees that are allowed to grow naturally (unimpeded by anything nearby or by pruning) will grow in perfect symmetry... even though no two branches are the same. It's amazing. This photo of Crinny's Japanese Raisin Tree is just one example I saw on my travels.

Speaking of trees, the granary that was built on Crinny and Al's farm boasts beams from 1840. I don't know that I've ever seen wood that was harvested 150 years ago. There were some beautiful markings in the beam -- they look almost like starbursts coming from narrow knots. At first I thought they were metal stamped onto the wood by an artisan, but now I believe they were created by insects (very artistic insects!). I was watching Renovation Nation on the Planet Green channel last night where they said that these old, old beams were recycled from one building to another. (Since everything was harvested and sized/fitted by hand -- without power tools -- wood, etc. was recycled and reused instead of thrown away and dumped in a landfill.) You can see where square holes were chiseled into this beam for previous uses. It's still as strong as ever, and it is beautiful!

I also had a lovely trip driving to Crinny's and back and spent much of that time listening to Caroline Myss' Energy Anatomy. It was wonderful to be back in touch with her work. I have listened to this work several times, but each time I get more/something different out of it. Myss always gives me insights into ways to approach life's challenges.

Exciting news! Two new crop circles in England have been reported! The Crop Circle Connector has all the info. Both of the circles posted here are the new ones they have on their site. It is so exciting that there are a whole new "crop" of circles starting again!

There was a crop circle in Ohio, too, not far from the Great Serpent Mound. We didn't get a chance to get there, but it was very exciting that we had one here in the states!

And, joy of joys, when I returned home, I found that the amaryllis bloom had begun to open! What a bright welcome home. Two blooms are open with 2 more still buds. And, as is all reflective of the wheel of life, many of the camellias had fallen off the bush. It's compost in action. Isn't Nature's "litter" so much more beautiful than humankind's?

So now I'm home, catching up with family and email. There are two great things about traveling: one is getting away; the second is coming home.
Wishing you delightful homecomings!