Monday, March 22, 2010

Blessed Spring!

It's finally spring (officially, that is)!  Saturday, Spring Equinox, was magnificent; a true first-of-spring-day:  sunny, warm, enticing one outdoors for the sights, smells, sounds, and sensations of spring.  Mother Nature brings out her brightest and best paints for this season!

All of a sudden, over the past week, birdsong and serenade is everywhere, all during the day from dawn until dusk.  It's a lyrical way of staking territory and attracting a mate.  Wouldn't it be great if that was how humans staked their claim, through song instead of fighting?  Or males sang love songs to attract their mates?  

In my walk around the yard, a small plant (some would call it a weed) growing -- and blooming -- in a crack in our sidewalk caught my eye and my imagination.  Our home was built in 1927, and the sidewalks are that old... and full of character.  There are a few "wrinkles" that have occurred over the past 80 or so years, and I love seeing what grows in these spare spaces.  We have lots of beautiful mosses, too.  It's amazing how many types of mosses there are!

And speaking of "wrinkles in the sidewalk", there is a place where the front sidewalk and the side front walkways meet where a tree feel years and years ago and cracked the sidewalk.  I've been intending to pull up the old concrete and create a mosaic in its stead.  So I'll be posting process photos as this project progresses this season.  Here is the end-of-winter-before-spring-cleaning pics of this section of our walkways.  (No, I'm not proud of the shape of the sidewalks, although I am proud of the trellis that Andrew built a couple of years ago with salvaged stone and my dad's old fir extension ladder!  We have wisteria vines -- one of my favorite flowers -- growing over it.)

Andrew and I spent part of Equinox Saturday afternoon planning some spring planting projects.  We'll plant a garden in the north side yard (yes, it does get sun) in a medicine wheel configuration.  First, we need to move the grass and mosses growing on the ground there to other areas of the yard that need green growth.  Then we'll till and amend and create walkways and rows.  Then we'll plant and cultivate our own veggies.  YUM!  We both want this Spring Equinox to be a gateway for us to bring growth and balance into our lives.  Getting grounded is a great way to do that for both of us... plus it's great exercise after winter's sedentary habits.  So I'll be posting these advances, too.
Sunday was a day of indoor play.  It rained all day (yet didn't smell like spring rain...), which was disappointing after the lovely warm sunshine of Saturday.  But the truth is, we need both the sun and the rain in order to grow:  taller, broader, deeper, more beautiful.  So it gave me the excuse to create a vision board of what I hope to bring into my life this year, starting with this Spring Equinox.  What fun to mix color and image!  I love collage and went on to create an Abundance Vision Book, because Abundance is one thing I want to bring into my life (we already benefit from abundance, but I want to be more trusting of it and aware of it in order to celebrate it instead of wonder about it...).  It was great fun to blend papers and images into a large "book" that will stand on its own and remind me of the Law of Attraction and that faith and trust is what's needed.  I can flip the pages as I want to different visions of abundance and bounty...

I hope today brings you an abundance of all good things!


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